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How Virtual Reality Headsets Work?

Take a look at our video tutorial and see how simple it is!

Thousands of virtual reality apps are available through the AppStore and the PlayStore including VR gaming apps, VR video apps, VR traveling apps and much more! Take a look at some of the best VR apps we recommend for you!

Three models of virtual reality goggles are available. The Optic is a basic and simple VR headset in comparison to the Retina VR and the Focus VR, which offer a much more realistic and immersive virtual reality experience. We suggest you compare VR headsets yourself by taking a look at our comparative grid or explanatory video.

VR glasses are appropriate for all ages since there are VR apps for young children, teenagers and adults. Of course, we recommend children under 7 years old use their VR goggles under the supervision of an adult.

If the video tutorial doesn't answer all of your questions concerning virtual reality, we recommend you take a look at our how VR headsets work section.

What Can I do With Stark VR Headsets?

There are thousands of free VR apps to cater all tastes. Go ahead and click on the app category of your choice to get the list of top VR applications!

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