About Us

At the very beginning we were three brothers starting a small local company and, within a few years, we grew stronger and turned this start-up into North America’s Number One supplier of smartphone-powered VR headsets. Starkvrpro.com has now been offering premium quality VR headsets for the past three years in Canada and in the United States. In the past year, we have aimed bigger markets and we are actually exporting virtual reality headsets worldwide. Our loyal customer base, both retail and wholesale, continues to grow thanks to our outstanding customer service and high satisfaction ratings.

Today, our mission is to provide high-quality yet affordable VR headsets because we strongly believe that virtual reality is a technology that has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and  education. To do so we offer quality products and great customer service at a fraction of the price charged by the other major brands.

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Take a look at a press release published on Yahoo! Finance in December 2016, proposing the VR headsets as the "Hottest Christmas Gift of the Year".