Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality, an artificial environment created with software, is presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment. Quality VR apps create very realistic and highly immersive environments. With VR Headsets, virtual reality is primarily experienced through two of the five senses: sight and sound.

How Stark VR Headsets Work?

Our VR Headsets are very easy to use. Simply follow these 3 simple steps and you will be up and running in no time!

First, install a VR app on your smartphone directly from the AppStore or the Playstore. Second, launch the VR app and insert your smartphone into your Stark VR headset. Finally, enjoy a premium virtual reality experience!

For more information about how to use Stark VR Headsets, visit the how VR headsets work page.

What Can I Do With Stark VR Headsets?

Whether you are looking to experience VR gaming, VR movies, VR travels or even VR adrenaline rushes, keep in mind that there are thousands of free VR apps to cater all tastes! Most of them are available for free on the AppStore and on the PlayStore.

We are confident that many VR apps will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Take a look at some of the best VR apps  we recommend for you!

Can I Use Stark VR Headsets With My Eye Glasses?

Yes. If you are wearing eye glasses, we recommend you purchase the Retina or the Focus VR headsets as they were specifically designed to fit eyeglass frames.

However, wearing eyeglasses should not even be necessary because all of Stark VR headsets have adjustable lenses in order to get a clear image without using your eyeglasses.

If your sight is different from one eye to another, We recommend you purchase the Focus VR, as it is the only headset with individually adjustable lenses.

What Is The Difference Between All Stark VR Headsets?

Stark Technology is dedicated to offer the best quality products to our customers. We offer 3 different models of high quality VR headsets: the Optic, the Retina and the Focus, as well as accessories. For more information on the pros and cons of each Stark VR headset, visit the compare VR headsets page.

Are Stark VR Headsets One Size Fits All?

Yes! The Optic and the Retina VR headsets include adjustable leather straps and the Focus VR headset has an adjustable headband. All VR headsets come with thick leather cushions. Stark’s products truly adapt to all faces; no matter the shape and the head size, it will fit in the most simple and comfortable way!

Are Stark VR Headsets Compatible With iPhones & iPods?

Yes. Stark VR headsets are compatible with all iPhones and iPods with an updated iOS version. For all plus size iPhones, we recommend the Retina or the Focus VR headsets as these models were specifically designed to fit large size smartphones. Learn more about our VR headsets for iPhone and iPod.

Are Stark VR headsets Compatible With Android smartphones?

Yes. Stark VR headsets are compatible with all Android smartphones with an updated software. Keep in mind that the Retina and the Focus VR headsets were specifically designed to fit large size Android devices. Learn more about our VR headsets for Android devices.

Should I Get A Remote Control?

There are two ways to navigate virtual reality app. The first way uses the movement sensor of the smartphone whereas the second way uses a remote control. For android devices, some app may require a remote for navigation. However, virtual reality apps for iPhone & iPods uses exclusively the movement sensor of the device to navigate the application. Therefore, it’s unnecessary for iPhone & iPod owners to get an android remote control.

What Is The Warranty?

Stark VR Pro ensures a full year warranty. You can exchange any defective product with a brand new product within 12 months following the purchase. Learn more about our Warranty Policy.

What Is The Return Policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with Stark VR Products, we will accept returns, as long as they remain in unused condition. The trial period for the product is 14 days. Learn more about our Return Policy.

NOTE: During the holiday season, we will accept returns of orders purchased between November 1st and December 24th until the 5th of January inclusively.

What Is The Shipping Policy?

We offer free and fast shipping to Canada and USA. Express delivery and international shipping are also available. Learn more about our Shipping Policy.