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Stark VR Headsets - User's Manual

It's fast and simple. Stark using your virtual reality headset in no time!

Customer Testimonials

''This guide was very helpful. I love my Retina VR headset and it was very easy for me to use it! Thanks Stark!''

- Josie O’Bryan

''I received my headset last week and couldn’t figure out how to use it. I called the support team and they were really helpful. Thumbs up!''

- Tony Laurenko

''I followed this guide before purchasing my headset. When I received it, I knew exactly how to use it. Thank you for the instructions.''

- Melissa Keys

''I was worried my 6 year old grandson wouldn’t know how to use. It was as easy as promised.''

- Nadia Thomson

How It Works?

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It is very simple to use a Stark VR Headset. You simply need to follow these three easy steps:

  • Step 1 Download any VR application. If you are using an iPhone or an iPod, you will find VR apps on the AppStore. If you are using an Android Phone, you will find VR apps on the PlayStore. Keep in mind that thousands of VR applications are available and that most of them are 100% FREE. For a list of top VR apps to download please click here.

  • Step 2: Once you downloaded the VR application, select the VR app and launch the VR game or the VR video.

  • Step 3: Slip your Smartphone into your Stark Headset, put the VR googles on and enjoy premium quality VR experience.

How To Adjust VR Headset For A Clear Image And A Max Comfort?

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By choosing Stark VR headset you opted for a high quality VR experience. Therefore, if adjusted properly, you should not experience any discomfort while using your VR headset. Here are few tips that will help you adjust your VR headset properly:

  • - If you feel like the image quality is blurry, try using the rotative knob on each side of the headset to adjust the focus. Also, make sure to take off the plastic protective cover, before first use.

  • - If you feel like your are seeing double, try using the rotative wheel on top of the headset to adjust the pupillary gap.

  • - Finally, if you feel any type of discomfort while wearing the VR headset, try using the three straps to adjust the VR goggles to the size of your head.

How Do I Use The Special Features Of The Retina VR Headset?

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The Retina VR headset is a top of the line headset that offers a premium and realistic virtual reality features. It offers added features such, as a built in button (very practical for in app navigation and for playing vr games) and built in audio headphones. Below, is a guide on how to use thease features.

  • Headphones: The Retinas' headphones connect to your device by plugging in the audio cord inside the headset to the audio jack of your smartphone. To adjust the volume, you will find a button under the headset. Simply, tilt it left or right to increase or decrease the volume. NoteIf you are using an iPhone 7, you will need the lightening adapter to connect your iPhone to the headphones. Keep in mind that the headphones are adjustable to fit the user’s head size.
  • Select Button: Under the Retina headset, you will find a select button. Pushing on it will allow the user to navigate more easily through VR apps and select different types of options, such as play and pause, if you are watching a 3d or 360 video. It could also be used to play certain VR games, such as shooting games.

How Do I Use A VR Headset Safetly?

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Virtual reality is a new technology and it might take a couple of tries to properly adjust to this it. The user should Follow this guideline in order to use the VR Headset in a safe and responsible manner:

  • - Make sure you are using Stark VR headset in an environment were nothing is within reach.
  • - Remain seated or stand still while using the VR Headset. Do not walk around or run while using it.
  • - Young children should use VR headsets under the supervision of an adult.
  • - Do not use the VR headset for an extended period of time (over 90 minutes) without a break.
  • - Some new users might feels dizzy while using virtual technology for the first couple of times. We recommend you start using VR technology for a period of 5 minutes, until you get use to the experience!

Why Choose Stark?

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For a premium virtual reality documentary experience, you will need the top of the line and Stark offers only the best! Stark VR Pro offers two models of high quality Virtual Reality headsets: The Optic VR glasses and the Retina VR glasses. These VR headsets were design to be highly comfortable. Both are offered with thick leather cushions and adjustable straps in order to embrace any shape with absolutely no discomfort. Both Stark VR goggles are compatible with all iOS (Apple) & Android smartphones with a screen size ranging from 4 inches to 6.2 inches. Stark's VR headsets are designed to offer the highest level of comfort and as simply as possible. With a built-in headphone, Retina VR glasses eliminates all distractions from your environment in order to allow a complete immersion into the world of virtual reality documentaries. Great VR experience is guaranteed with Stark VR headsets.

Compare Stark VR Headsets

Comparative grid of Optic VR goggles and Retina VR headsets

Check if your smartphone is compatible now!

Stark VR Headsets are compatible with most device running on Android and iOS (Apple) software. Screen size has to be included between 4 and 6.2 inches. Click on the appropriate user interface to check if your device is compatible.

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